The Savoy Company Organization

2023 Officers

Vice-President – Paige Susskind

President – Jack Ingram

Vice President – Laura Morris

Building – Patsy Porter

Treasurer – Hether May

Secretary – Mickey Hewes

2023 Board Members

Claire Shearer Reynolds
Lucia Spargo
Colin Vroome
Kevin Wilkison
Rebecca Ross
Jennifer Russell

Ex Officio – Amy Williams (Immediate Past President)

2023 Season Advisory Board

Amber Gay
Geoffrey Berwind
Katie Craig
Linda Marie Bell
Lisa McCormick

Mark Chiacchiere
Martha Smylie
Nancy Morgenstern
Peggy Conver
Kelley Crumlish

Bill Kiesling
Chris Jones
Anne Woodcock
Bill Kader
Ed Kaier

Tom Tyler
Stephan Stoeckl
Suzanne Segermark
Gene Schneyer
Gene Bolt

AJ Kait
Gail Cooper
Meggin Capers
Michael Kearns
Sam Griffin

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