About The Savoy Company

A Social Club with a Theatre Focus

Since 1901, The Savoy Company has brought together a wide range of people from across the Greater Philadelphia area to have fun and to perform the works of Gilbert and Sullivan (G&S).

As the oldest amateur theatre company in the world dedicated to performing the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, Savoy is steeped in history and tradition, while still making time for fun and social gatherings. Savoy members often make lifelong friends (or even find future spouses) within The Company, and enjoy socializing with each other all year long. Indeed, many of our alums become permanent supporters.

Savoy has long been known for its large chorus and backstage crew, and has performed on professional stages, employing professional orchestras, for 115 years and counting. The Company’s volunteer cast has included Hollywood film star Nelson Eddy, Metropolitan Opera soprano Margaret Harshaw, Wagnerian bass-baritone James Pease and Broadway star Wilbur Evans.

The Savoy Experience

So what can you expect from a season as a Savoyard? Although the focal point of the year is our annual production, there is so much more to experience in The Company.

Social Gatherings
The cornerstone of The Savoy Company is our community. We offer many opportunities to get together to enjoy food, drink, and conversation. Numerous parties scheduled before, during, and after our rehearsal/performance season ensure that “Old Savoy” is never too far away.

the savoy experience

Gearing up for our annual G&S production takes time, but once we get to show time it is worth it. From February through June, we rehearse twice a week (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays) at beautiful historic venues in the area such as the Germantown Cricket Club, the Cynwyd Club, and the Orpheus Club. Of course, amid all that singing and learning our staging, we still find some time during breaks to kick back and have a drink or two with friendly conversation!

savoy rehearsals

Watch the Savoy company sing a special Gilbert & Sullivan rendition of the Philadelphia Eagles Fight Song!

Arrangement by Peter Hilliard
Savoy Sings a special rendition of the Philadelphia Eagles Fight Song

Backstage / Production Crew
The fun isn’t limited to onstage. If you are handy with a hammer, circular saw, glue, or needle and thread, you can help build set pieces, make costumes, and do all the important things that make the show possible.  Almost all aspects of our productions are produced or managed by enthusiastic Savoyards, and we encourage members to apply whatever talents they have to putting on the show (and maybe even discover new talents).

Traveling Troupe
For those who want to continue the fun and music after the main stage production in the spring, Traveling Troupe, The Savoy Company’s ambassador, is a smaller ensemble presenting concert versions of performances and selected G&S songs for organizations throughout the region.  We have brought our specific brand of musical merriment to retirement communities, events celebrating veterans, the Poconos, private clubs, and the Jersey Shore.  Often we are asked to sing the National Anthem before Philadelphia Phillies games.  Plus, every once in a while, members of Savoy go to England to perform in the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival!