Fresh from the success of The Grand Duke, we are delighted to bring you a sample of songs to enjoy on a glorious summer evening.

Founded in 1901, The Savoy Company is America’s and the world’s oldest continuously performing theater company performing the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. The show is fully staged and features a gorgeous, professionally designed set, beautiful hand-sewn costumes, and professional quality actors and singers backed by a professional orchestra. The Savoy Company’s unwavering commitment to preserving the authenticity and brilliance of these productions has cemented its reputation as the gold standard for Gilbert and Sullivan performances. The theatrical works of Gilbert and Sullivan remain extremely popular worldwide and are second only to the works of Shakespeare in the number of performances presented globally each year.

The Savoy performances at Longwood Gardens represent a cherished Philadelphia early summer tradition of magical performance under the stars with the fragrant scent of blossoming flowers in the air.  The tradition dates back to 1916 when Savoy was first invited to perform on stage in the garden theater by Pierre S. du Pont who then called Longwood Gardens his home.